Meet Bri and Rob

Meet Brianna Randall

As comfortable in fancy earrings as she is in her ratty yoga pants, Bri loves writing, dancing, snowboarding, sailing, diving, biking, hiking, guitar-playing, and yoga.  Brianna grew up where the desert meets the mountains in Southern California, and then headed to the ocean when she attended the University of San Diego.  She fled the traffic and smog of Cali to get her Master’s degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana, and decided the wonderful community and endless adventures in Missoula made up for the 8-month-long winters (but just barely).  Brianna spent a decade working on behalf of clean water at the Clark Fork Coalition.  She currently works as a freelance and contract writer.  Check out her website here.


Rob headshotMeet Rob Roberts

The best way to sum up Rob is a quote from our friend, Kipp: “Rob’s like MacGyver, but in the woods.  Maybe more like Daniel Boone…he restores rivers and paraglides.”  Rob was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and headed to Wake Forest University.  He hiked the Appalachian Trail at age 20, where he first realized how cool it was to travel with just a backpack.  Madagascar was the next stop, where Rob spent 3 years in St. Augustine as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  He learned as much as he taught (including Malagasy, the local language, and how to carry around loaded beehives), and made a lasting impression in this remote seaside village as “Tombo Lava” — Long Legs.  Upon his re-entry, Rob traveled to almost every state in the U.S. before landing a job with Trout Unlimited, where he worked for a decade as a mine reclamation and stream restoration specialist.  In addition to flying, Rob enjoys pack-rafting, cooking, backpacking, drumming, flyfishing, snowboarding, and birding.


Learn more about Bri and Rob and their sailing voyage in this March 2013 newspaper article.