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Paraglide at sunset

About On the Horizon Line

We both explore new horizons often, together and solo.  It’s what unites us as a couple, and helps us grow as individuals.  Since we’re both avid writers and community-oriented people, we decided to share our explorations via this blog.  The name of our blog reflects that we love to be at the edge of things.

The horizon line is where where possibilities come together and new beginnings spread out at your fingertips.  It includes the place where the sky meets the sea, or the rivers meet the shore, or the ridgetop meets the clouds.  And it includes spiritual and cultural horizons, too, where the mind outpaces the body, or two languages merge into one, or burritos become egg rolls.  The best part about the horizon line is that it’s constantly moving. Just as our ideas, desires, and perspectives are always evolving, so is the horizon line.


Explore. Dream. Discover.

In March 2013, we took an “early-life retirement” to explore the world by crewing on sailboats through the South Pacific.  Our goal is to discover more about ourselves, the ocean, far-flung islands and unfamiliar cultures.

Along the way, we discovered we were going to have a baby.  Becoming parents (and being pregnant abroad!) are brand new ways to explore ourselves and the world around us.

Whether sailing, raising a kid, or hiking the wilderness, we believe that Mark Twain sums it up best:

Twenty years from now
you will be more disappointed
by the things that you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover.


yurtopia tongueThe Story of Rob and Bri

We met in Missoula, Montana in 2005 as colleagues.  Rob was wearing a rasta-striped hat, and stuffing pizza in his mouth.  Bri was walking barefoot on the sidewalk, coveting his pizza.  They formed a friendship over their shared careers, which were dedicated to creating cleaner water, happy fish, and healthy rivers.

Four years later, Rob told Bri he “had a crush on her” as they were driving down the road.  We quickly transitioned to best friends and lovers, and were married along the Clark Fork River in Missoula on July 14, 2012.