Our Voyage

We're off in March 2012 to explore the world.  First up: crossing the Pacific Ocean by sailboat.Our Journey

A few years back, we decided to search for some brand-new horizons.  In fact, we decided to make it our whole life for a bit.  A plan was formed, and keeps forming every day (that’s the beauty of the journey, right?).

We quit our jobs, packed our belongings into a 5×10′ space, rented the house, sold the cars, and took one backpack each into the sunset.

We crewed on sailboats from Panama through the South Pacific in 2013, and then lived in the Kingdom of Tonga for six months–where we made a baby. We swapped sailboats for smaller backpacks, toting them to New Zealand and Southeast Asia in 2014. Now, we’re settling back into our mountain town in Montana, figuring out how to be parents, and refilling the kitty in hopes of buying a boat of our own someday. And we still sail lakes and seas, climb mountains, fly off cliffs, dance on beaches, meet new people, and travel whenever we can.

sailing at sea at sunset in schoonerThe Unknown

Our tagline, “voyages into the unknown,” is less about our physical travels, and more about our emotional and spiritual journey.  The islands, mountains, rivers and oceans we explore have been charted, photographed and traveled plenty.  For us, the unknown reflects the fact that we try to be as open as possible to where we’ll end up onshore, and few expectations about what each trip will unveil in our hearts and minds.

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