talon as tigger on halloween

A dozen pounds of drool

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“This baby is a daily reminder that I can’t control the universe,” said my friend, Hilary, last week as she frantically jiggled the newborn slung around her chest. I nodded. It’s humbling, we agreed, to give up control. To say goodbye to who we were and hello to the new person named ‘mom.’ “I just […]


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All good stories start with water. With a flow, a rush, a release. So did you.  You were made on the sea, in nights full of stars and gently rocking boats. You were made when laughter was simple, and music echoed through it all.  Here is what I want you to know: There will be […]

Meet Talon Randall Roberts

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Talon Randall Roberts reached into the world with a hand wide open, ready to catch his parents’ hearts.  Our little dude arrived on August 14th at 12:44 pm,  weighing in at 6.9 lbs and 19.5 inches long after a 12-hour labor at the Missoula Birth Center.  Although his passport won’t show it, Talon has already visited Tonga, […]

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