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  2. Bri,

    Hi there! Hope y’alls adventures are going well! Small world, I just saw that you all are linked up with FishPeople! My firm is the lead investor in that company and working a lot with Duncan and Kip. Love the food, sustainable nature of the product and most importantly, the taste!

    Stay safe,

  3. I’m a friend of Cindy Poett. We are heading off this winter for some South Pacific hopping ourselves. Would love to pick your brains. Carol

  4. Hi Rob and Brianna- I hope all is well. That was a tough loss in Baja. I’m glad it was only stuff. I can see by your trajectory that you’re not heading for the Galapogos this time round the world. Catch it the next round. I just wanted to reach out and am glad I can follow you on line. smooth sailing.

  5. Hi there!
    This Betsy Cohen at the Missoulian, I’d love to write about your upcoming adventure for the paper.
    Would you please call?

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