brianna randall at katie's wedding - on the horizon line

A Hair(y) Decision

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brianna randall at katie's wedding - on the horizon line
Can’t wait to see Katie in 12 days! This was at her wedding in June.

Ok, I’m going to pause for a moment to be a bit vain. I don’t usually succumb to girly habits, but occasionally I obsess about something somewhat silly like a dress or shoes or jewelry.  Today, it’s my hair.

I’m scheduled for my thrice-annual haircut tomorrow morning, and can’t decide if I should keep it long or chop it off.  Part of me is itching to go short, sassy, sea-worthy.  The other part of me knows that short and sassy will be a pain in the ass when I want to keep my hair braided or in a bun for days on end.

My dad and my husband both told me to just leave it long and wait to see how I feel when we get to Panama.  But they’re boys, and can’t be trusted with

brianna randall on the horizon line - in british columbia
A fuzzy old pic from 1998. Check out those long braids I was rocking!

girly hair decisions … especially when the decision may result in me (or, yikes, Rob) hacking at my hair in the middle of the Pacific with some less-than-sharp scissors and no mirror.

I’ve had long hair most of my life.  In fact, going through old pictures while packing last weekend made me realize I had WAY too much hair for many years.  It’s never been shorter than shoulder-length.

Please help.  I’d welcome some recommendations on what haircut makes the most sense for our upcoming sailing adventures (and is still girly enough to satisfy my fleeting vanity).

P.S. Thanks to SavageMama for this great post on dealing with her hair, which inspired me to share my own minor freakout.

brianna randall  and cass kayaking the salmon river - on the horizon line
Here’s a pic where it’s shorter, plus it’s just a fun memory of kayaking the Salmon River with my sister.
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11 thoughts on “A Hair(y) Decision

  1. I forgot to tell you this hair fact.

    I would advise you to do what I did before embarking on sea voyages longer than 3 days: shave off your beard.

    Also… I do believe that there are humans capable of cutting white girl hair in La Paz, Colon, Panama, or on Nuku Hiva.

    Trust no one in Papeete.

    Also…at about 10 south, 130 west, Rob with a jackknife at sunset on the bowsprit could result in the best hair cut of your life.

    Or the worst. But it really won’t matter.

  2. Shave it all! Shaved heads are all the rage. No need for hair ties, brushes, combs, braids, shampoo, conditioner, gel, scissors, mirrors, or anything. Free yourself. Free your scalp from nuisance growth. Unlike some of us Brianna, it WILL grow back.

  3. Long! I had very short hair for 20+ years, and agree with Anonymous that it only looked good if I blow-dried it EVERY day. Now I enjoy clipping my shoulder-length hair up every other day (and sometimes even a third day!). You’ll look beautiful no matter what, though!! XOXO

  4. i thought this was going to be a post about whether to forgo shaving and let your leggy hairs fly free in the tropical breeze! (how *does* one shave while a boat rocks from side to side without cutting oneself, by the way?)


    short hair pros:
    new life chapters deserve daring new haircuts!
    you can always wear a colorful hat/scarf/headband if it’s in your face
    you use less shampoo/conditioner
    less likely to get an accidental dreadlock (who has time for brushing hair in an ocean breeze?)

    long hair pros:
    you can put it up high! down low! on the side!
    you can get corn rows and looks like bo derek in the movie 10
    your long blonde locks will be the envy of many an asian woman (you will definitely be asked to pose in pics by strangers, just a head’s up)

    either way, you can’t lose! but i’m leaning short…just so’s ya know.

  5. At least long enough for a braid and ponytail – it will drive you crazy if it’s in your face. Sounds like you’re leaning toward short, though, so maybe hair clips or a headband would work. Since your hair grows quickly, it isn’t an irrevocable decision, which is nice! Poor Rob – he should get a lot of votes! 😉

  6. I love my short hair, but to make it look presentable I MUST MUST MUST have a blow dryer with me. I mean it. Long hair was perfect for two years in the peace corps because I could put it up to get it out of the way and make it look nice with nothing more than a comb. In contrast, I went to Peru for two weeks last summer without a blow dryer and my hair looked like total shit the entire time. I know traveling light is a priority for you and a blow dryer is probably not going to make the packing cut. My advice is to keep it long. Plus short hair gets annoying without regular cuts, which you probably won’t have access to.

    I will fully support your short hair adventures when you get home!

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