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Full Moon Tears

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full moon brianna randall on the horizon line blogThe tears just keep on rolling.  I could blame it on the full moon or hormones, both of which are certainly affecting my mood.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t give credit to the fact I’m just plain sad to say goodbye to my loved ones.

I cry when I see our doggie bounding up to lick my face.  I cry when my sister leaves to go back to her house.  I cry when Kipper calls to tell me it’ll be hard to say goodbye.  I cry when Margi gives me a hug and refuses to say goodbye.  I cry when I bike across the creek and along the river that I’ve followed every day for a decade.

And I’ll probably keep crying for the next month, as the moon wanes then waxes again until it is just shy of full on the morning we fly away from my home.


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2 thoughts on “Full Moon Tears

  1. The tears of those of us who love you will be mingling with yours. It means that you have a full, rich life – a tapestry woven with the brilliant colors of a great many people who are dear to you, just as you are precious to us.

  2. I cried in the car on the way to the airport, too. Full on bottom lip quivers and all. It is rare for me to meet new people and establish deep friendships, but with you and Rob and Cass I fell in love. River love. So, I’ll see you soon. In the meantime we can turn emails and blog posts into boats.

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